Neven Kundija



University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering, Power systems

Skills and projects

Neven is founder and owner of MEP, company founded in 1996. From the beginning he has been promoting high quality power electronic products from MERLIN GERIN (part of Schneider Electric). In the year 1999, Neven concluded the first contract with IBM Croatia for design, construction and commissioning of data center Viktor Lenac Shipyard.During the last 14 years, Neven has been working as consultant, sales executive, project manager on numerous projects related to critical power and cooling systems, data centers and turnkey solutions for industry, telecommunications and marine applications.

Largest references:

Critical power supply of Croatian Radio Television, RTL, Novi List, Aluflexpack, DGU, Croatian Telecom, TELE2, Pliva Research Institute, Shipyard Uljanik, etc., data centers in Shipyard Viktor Lenac, Agrokor, Konzum, Megatrend, Plodine, Croatian Motorways, SRCE, Datacross, Trokut Zitnjak VIPNET and many others… Neven is CEO at MEP Ltd Croatia, fastest growing company in datacenter and marine simulation business in the year 2013, trying to establish ideal company which is fair and pleasant place to work. In same time, his focus is on constant innovation, reliable and advanced products and service which is making MEP ltd Croatia a market leader in critical power and cooling field. In accordance with the demands of the market, MEP will continue to provide turnkey solutions for data and communication sites and telecom sites competently & efficiently, following state of the art global standards.

Aljoša Tomljenović

Sales and Purchase Manager


Electrotechnical school in Rijeka, Electronic and electrotechnic specialist

Skills and projects

Aljoša started working in MEP in 2000., along with colleagues Mr. Mirko Bogdanović and Company owner Mr. Neven Kundija, forming a three men core. In these initial years, Aljoša and Mirko were FSE’s. During the next five years Aljoša, throughout established contacts from the field activity, gained more and more experience in offering the right solution to customers and partners, thus moving more and more to the field of sales. In this period of time Aljoša was attending and successfully finished various technical trainings. This experience was the base for Aljoša to become a highly skilled Sales engineer. After next five years period Aljoša was appointed as Sales and Purchasing Manager of then company with 15 employees when Marine department was established in which Aljoša held the role of offering Marine DC and UPS supply systems. Aljoša is a focused and devoted worker, able to work in various fields as project requests, covering various tasks - in most of the projects being not just sale professional (negotiating the price and commercial terms) but also main solution designer, purchaser and site coordinator, while executing the Contract.

During his years in MEP, Aljoša was in charge for number of extremely demanding, but self-satisfactory projects like:

Datacenter project for Shipyard Viktor Lenac with IBM Croatia as main Integrator, the Project Croatian Radio-television where he was responsible for the Installation of the 1,2MVA UPS system, the most complex UPS system in Croatia ever. This project was finished in 2007 and MEP is still successfully maintaining and improving this system. In the recent years real challenge was Diesel-generating sets Market which also brought many interesting and self-approving tasks in front of Aljoša and his team, like Project Raiffeisen Bank Croatia with 2x 1MVA GS units, Croatian Air-traffic Control – Radar station Psunj with 2x 110kVA in parallel with very complex Control system or commercial Datacenter PCK in Jastrebarsko, near the capital Zagreb where Aljoša was in charge of the design of both UPS and GS systems and many others.

Mirko Bogdanović

Technical Manager


University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering, Power systems

Skills and projects

Mirko started working in MEP in 2001, along with colleagues Mr. Aljoša Tomljenović and Company owner Mr. Neven Kundija, forming a three men core. At the very beginning Company`s main business was sale of UPS units and systems representing MGE UPS Systems on the Croatian market. In these initial years Mirko worked like FSE’s with mission to establish reliable technical installation and after-sale support service for growing customer base.

Through upcoming years Mirko gained more and more experience in servicing, installing and maintaining UPS systems and DC power supply systems, also in offering the right services and maintenance solution to Customers and Partners. In this period of time Mirko was attending and successfully finished various technical trainings.

After taking state exam Mirko continued to educate himself and participate in numerous workshops to expand his knowledge and experience in the field of the power supply systems, cooling and diesel gensets. During all these years Technical Department of MEP is in constant growth and now counts ten very skilled and trained technicians able to solve any commissioning, installation or repairing problem.

Nenad Radović

Sales Manager – Marine Business Unit


Faculty of Maritime Studies, Rijeka, Maritime Communication and Ship Electronics

Skills and projects

Nenad started to work in MEP in 2011 as experienced project and sales engineer with 15 years background in marine electronics and maritime simulation. Nenad is a devoted worker with the ability to get people attention and focused to find best solution for the customer.

During his years with the previous employer “A.B.E. Engineering”, he has advanced from service apprentice to sales manager contributing to the continuous company growth. In recent years he is focused on supplying maritime simulation with MEP`s partner Transas, profiling himself as one of the leading specialist in the field.

Nenad’s experience covers various tasks from field service and installation engineer, technical sales support, service organisation, project management and sales. Key professional achievements during his years in “A.B.E. Engineering”:

  • Experience in installation and maintenance of marine radar systems and marine radio communication systems
  • Sales and project management of National AIS network system for Slovenian Maritime Administration
  • Sales and project management of maritime border patrol VTS system for Slovenian Maritime Police
  • Leading team member in preparation and implementation of internal quality control system
  • Sale and installation support of Integrated Bridge Systems for numerous new buildings
  • Sales, project management and installation of over than 20 maritime simulators

Since Nenad joined MEP he contributed in strengthening MEP’s position within maritime community and secured several interesting contracts:

  • Supply and installation of Inverter system for NB473, 474 S/Y Brodosplit
  • Maritime Simulator Complex (inlc. Full mission navigational bridge with 240deg visualization) for A.MV. International
  • Offshore Simulator (with Anchor Handling) for Apave Mare
  • Extension of Navigational Simulator for Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka
  • Extension of Navigational Simulator for Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor