MEP was founded in 1996. At the beginning it was a small company oriented towards services of quality electronic power systems. Through the years business extended and today we are focused on solutions for critical power and cooling systems for ICT, telecommunications, industry, maritime applications, start up of data center of the shipyard Viktor Lenac.

During the last 15 years MEP’s engineers have been working on numerous projects linked to the solutions for critical power and cooling systems of data center and business solutions for industry, telecommunications and maritime sector. In this period we established some solid partnership bonds and became representatives of world recognized companies such as: APC by Schneider Electric, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, KOHLER/SDMO, STULZ, TEKSAN, Wartsila, CSB Energy Technology Co. Ltd., Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Company (FIAMM batteries).

In twelve year period, from 2007 to 2019, the company has increased number of employees from 7 to actual 30 employees, and we moved to newly-built 1300m2 location with offices, workshop, production line and warehouse for energy electronics and air-conditioning system.


According to the market demand MEP offers solutions and services using “turn key system“, critical power and cooling equipment for data and communication centers, industry, public sector, trade and maritime services and delivers complete solution for simulators for seaman drill (hardware and software).

Our portfolio of products and services includes:

UPS uninterruptible power supply systems (AC/DC)
Batteries and battery systems
Diesel-electric aggregate
Precise air-conditioning for ICT equipment and industry
Design and performing data centers

Products and solutions for maritime and offshore industry
Simulator systems for seaman drill
Technical assistance, maintenance and guarantee
Project management



Technical department of MEP employs high educated technicians with long experience who are organized in four departments: energy electronics, diesel aggregate plants, precise air-conditioning and cooling sector, special projects in maritime and shipbuilding sector.
Sale department includes experienced engineers that can help you in technical assistance, engineering, planning and project management for solutions of critical power supply and cooling. The Company’s philosophy is based on experience and knowledge of our employees. Our engineers and sales staff attend regularly trainings of equipment producers organized by Croatian and international bodies. We consider that our employees are irreplaceable creative potential.


MEP is recognized on the Croatian market as reliable partner that offers high quality services. We have also certificate of quality for ISO 9001:2008: Sale, design, implementation and maintenance of energetic and air-conditioning systems for telecommunications and data centers.


Our vision is to satisfy and to surpass our clients and business partners’ needs in offering them high quality products and services. With continuous improvement we aim at developing products and services in accordance with customers needs and to expand our business at the global level pursuant to it. We consider to be growing and desirable company for employment, and we want our employees to feel highly safe and that they express their individuality that they are motivated and that they responsibly and creatively approach to their tasks and challenges constantly perfecting themselves professionally.
We have high level of sensitivity regarding social responsibility and moreover we want to sensitize all our business partners towards environment, health, society, employees etc.


Our mission is to improve business activities and quality of our products and services with long experience within our core business: sale, design, implementation and maintenance of energy and air-conditioning systems for telecommunications and data centers. We consider that our employees are irreplaceable creative potential, support and foundation for realization of our aims. We are active company in which environment security, health and security are to be our basic liability and priority of our intentions of sustainable development. We are looking forward to have you as our next satisfied client.
  • our solutions and servicesdata centers

    Together with partners, MEP delivers complete solution for critical ICT environment, from communication lockers and server rooms to data centers of all sizes. MEP can design, build, deliver and install complete infrastructure of data or telecommunications center by using the most recent equipment of leading producers at international level.

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  • our solutions and servicesMDC - mini data center

    Data and IT equipment protection represents one of the biggest challenges of doing business today. Solutions offered to small and medium enterprises on separate locations of big companies and organizations that are not whole and do not satisfy high demands for IT equipment and data security.

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  • our solutions and servicespower supply system

    Power supply systems are important for effective functioning of each working system that is dependent on uninterruptable source of electrical energy. The more complex system the more important that all components fit perfectly.

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  • our solutions and servicesprecise cooling system

    Precise cooling systems regulate temperature and humidity of sensitive technology. In data centers and mobile telephone networks their uninterruptible activity ensures reliability and continued accessibility to computer systems.

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  • our solutions and servicessimulators for seaman education

    Maritime and offshore industry request reliable solutions of power supply. Key questions are reliability, accessibility and quality of power supply. MEP has long experience in delivering uninterruptable power supply systems in maritime sector by offering a range of power supply systems for different implementations in maritime and offshore industry.

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  • our solutions and servicestechnical assistance

    Maintenance and technical assistance are very important for smooth functioning of your equipment. Defects on the system can be critical for your business. The best technical support follows actively IT environment and reveals the problem as soon as it emerges so that the continuity of activity is not jeopardized not in one single moment.

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