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Infrared Thermography (IRT)

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Infrared thermography is a non-contact method of measuring temperature and it’s distribution on the surface of the object.

From the standpoint of quality control IR thermography is suitable for the detection of irregularities and errors that manifest themselves by increasing the temperature on the surface of the object. In respect that it is contactless measurement method, it allows us to obtain the results without interrupting the production process without any impact on the production process, and to obtain the results in real time.

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Thermal imaging cameras convert the energy in the infrared wavelength into a visible light display. All objects above absolute zero emit thermal infrared energy, so thermal cameras can passively see all objects, regardless of ambient light.

Applications are many, and some of them are:

  • Condition monitoring
  • Health care
  • Medical imaging
  • Archaeological
  • Electrical engineering
  • Night vision
  • Process control
  • Chemical imaging
  • Building

Appearance of heating in many cases indicates a fault condition. Thermographic devices can be a very good track of the state of electrical elements.

One of the many advantages of thermography has the ability to perform inspections under load or in the manufacturing process, control production lines.

Since the infrared thermography diagnostic method is without contact, thermographists can scan individual part and get back to his office to analyze the stored data, or immediately in the process point to the irregularity.

Using automatic detection of the most sensitive and overlapped over the proper display can easily compare different temperature el. elements, and then begin further testing overheated object.

Some of MEP main references are:

  • HRT Croatian Radiotelevision
  • TELEMACH, data center
  • HAC, server room of Croatian Highways
  • SRCE, server room