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Modular Data Center MDC50kW


MEP d.o.o. has delivered a modern modular data center (MDC) solution placed in a container for the well-known company RIMAC cars Ltd from Sveta Nedelje.

Modular Data Center MDC50kW in container

Modular container data centres are becoming an increasingly popular solution in the world for the placement of ICT equipment, especially with the development of new technologies, 5G networks and the emergence of EDGE data centers. Double-digit growth rates of the modular data center market in the world are expected.

MEP had specialized in production of data centres

MEP company had specialized itself in production of solutions for critical power supply and cooling of ICT equipment, telecommunications, industry, marine applications, construction of data centers and simulators for seafarers’ education and has been present on the Croatian and regional markets for years.

Project assignment

The request of the RIMAC’s IT department was that the data centre solution must be implemented compactly, with the highest quality equipment, that it has the possibility of expansion and that it can be moved to another location in case of need. Also, the data centre was to be designed as a TIER II configuration (Uptime Institute) to accommodate IT equipment with a total power of 50 kW in 5 x 19“ cabinets.


During the negotiations, the basic settings of the data centre were defined, and the highest quality equipment of our partners was installed.

  • 5 cabinets 19”rack cabinets 1200 mm deep type Netshelter SX
  • Minimum 10 kW IT load per 19 “rack cabinet
  • 22 kW PDU units
  • Netbotz remote monitoring and video surveillance system
  • VESDA fire alarm system
  • Extinguishing system NOVEC 1230
  • Robust version of high-capacity and fire-resistant container T60
  • 60 kW InRow cooling system with humidification (N + 1 redundancy) by APC by Schneider Electric
  • Modular UPS uninterruptible power supply system (2N redundancy) ARHIMOD Legrand power 60 kW
  • Main distribution cabinet type PRISMA G with Schneider Electric switchgear and metering
  • Diesel electric generator in canopy housing with external mounting SDMO power 160 kVA.

Robust solution for the data center in the container!


The MDC50 is designed, manufactured and tested in the new plants of MEP d.o.o. on Kukuljanovo near Rijeka within 100 days, and was delivered on prepared foundations to the factory in Sveta Nedelja.

The shiny metallic silver color gives a special note and sporty look to the MDC and is in line with the image built by the company RIMAC cars in Croatia and around the world.

The new modular data center MDC 50 from MEP d.o.o. it is a quality basis for the development of the company’s IT infrastructure, which is experiencing a sudden business rise, and will enable RIMAC cars to develop new innovative products in the future…


We are sure that this is the beginning of a nice business partnership between two Croatian companies.