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MDC – Mini Data Center

Database and IT equipment protection represents one of the biggest challenges of contemporary business. Solutions offered to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as in separated sites of large companies and organizations are incomplete, failing to fulfill the high requirements for safety of IT equipment and database.

MEP has developed a product that integrates all the functions of a classic data center within a single 19 “rack cabinet or cluster of several cabinets that are connected.


Professional level of data security and ICT equipment safety, acceptable cost, compactness, small size, modularity and expandability, fast delivery and assembly, complete solution for the protection of database and ICT equipment


Small and medium business, isolated and ‘Disaster Recovery Sites’ of large organizations, schools, universities, government and public institutions, banks – headquarters and branch offices


Storage space savings, high efficiency level – savings on power supply and cooling, elimination of time needed to design and built Data Center, eliminating the cost of renting an external Data Center, possibility of noise cancellation of ICT equipment in office space, mobility – easy relocation of Data Center to a new position

MDC BasicMDC Premium
Uninterruptible Power Supply SystemUninterruptible Power Supply System
PDU unitsPDU units
Air conditioned solutionRedundant professional air conditioned solution
Monitoring systemMonitoring system
Accomodation of ICT equipment up to 5 kW per rackAccomodation of ICT equipment up to 20 kW per rack
Uninterruptible Power Supply SystemUninterruptible Power Supply System

Both versions can be retrofitted with following systems:

  • Fire detection
  • Extinguishing
  • Security and environment surveillance
  • Video surveillance
  • Equipment access control, thermal and acoustic insulation 

MEP Ltd, founded in 1993., operates in four basic activities and stands out with construction of the Data Center at “Turnkey” principle. The first major Data Center was built by MEP during 1999., while company references include the construction of the first Croatian TIER 3 classified Data Center.