Uljanik Shipyard

Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS)

Uljanik shipyard designs, constructs and builds all types of ships i.e. ships for transportation of oil and oil products, bulk cargoes, containers, trucks, rail-carriages, cars, passengers, etc.

Project description

Number of uninterruptible power supply systems are delivered and installed for, all together, six Jan de Null ships. Each system is consisted of 24VDC supply for ship’s PA and emergency lighting system, as well as 110VDC supply as auxiliary supply for Main switchboard.

Also, system included 230VAC UPS for various applications needing stabile and continuous supply. All equipment was build according to Marine standard and Classification rules (BV & DNV). MEP did engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning of described systems.

Installed equipment

APC by Schneider Electric, ELTEK

Year of commissioning

2007. - 2012.

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