University of Zagreb, Computing Centre SRCE

Cooling solution for advanced computing center

‌The University Computing Center (SRCE) is the oldest infrastructural institution of the academic and research community in the area of application of information and communication technologies (ICT), SRCE is also one of the key players in the area of planning, designing, construction and maintenance of the newest computing, communication and information infrastructure (e-infrastructure).

SRCE ensures connection among Croatian A&R e-infrastructure with the related European and global A&R e-infrastructures and acts as the computing centre of the largest university in Croatia – the University of Zagreb (

Project description

Supply, delivery and installation of the cooling solution for advanced computing center. Supply, delivery and installation of equipment for the expansion of the existing cooling system with closed hot aisle containment for the HIGH DENSITY computer racks.

MEP delivered the most modern cooling system with RACS – Rack Air Containment Systems for computer cluster called “Isabella“. This cooling system provides cooling of high density cabinets, and each cabinet includes computer equipment with heat dissipation up to 22 kW per 19 "rack cabinet. Built-in cooling system with eight air unit types InRow RC and two chiller type Stulz CSO 1272 A each with the cooling power of 125 kW with a free cooling option in redundancy. Also, a system for remote monitoring of temperature, humidity, pouring water and access to each server cabinet is incorporated in it.

The final solution is energy efficient and modular cooling system that allows the subsequent expansion and eliminates all the problems of cooling the computer centre.

Installed equipment

Stulz, APC by Schneider Electric

Year of commissioning

2008 - proširenje u 2012

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