The infrastructural data center solution includes the ideal working conditions and protection of computer equipment through implementation of precise air-conditioning, an uninterruptible Power Supply, fire detection, fire protection and physical protection against unauthorized entry. MDC - Mini Data Centre represents the new feature in the market.

Systems of power electronics together with UPS and diesel electric generators are mostly applied in telecommunications, construction, industry and data centers, similar to the precise air-conditioning refrigeration systems used for cooling data centers and within industrial processes.

Usluge tehničke podrške 24/7/365 znatno pojednostavljuju poslovanje i smanjuju troškove našim klijentima. Također nudimo korektivno i preventivno održavanje ICT sustava te usluge jamstva radi dodatne zaštite ICT okruženje naših klijenata za vrijeme trajanja i nakon isteka jamstvenog razdoblja. IT solutions of seamen training maritime simulators, produced by worldwide well-known manufacturer "Transas Marine" will provide the best training of seafarers through the different training levels, starting from simple jobs all away to resolving advanced malfunctions and ship resource management.

24/7/365 based technical support and service simplifies your business substantially and reduces the costs to our customers. We also offer corrective and preventive maintenance of ICT systems, together with warranty service for extra protection of our client's ICT environment during and after the warranty period.