The availability and reliability of your ICT system.

Infrastructure for your ICT System

Information and telecommunication ICT systems are crucial for most organizations, and ensuring business continuity is one of the main challenges.

Companies rely on data systems in their operations, and data centers must operate at a very high level to ensure the availability and reliability of ICT systems. This is achieved through the redundancy of optical cables and power systems, which include uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, diesel generators, and redundant cooling.

MEP can assist in the planning process to align the data center with business requirements, perform an assessment of the existing data center’s efficiency, provide remote monitoring or maintenance services. MEP can make your data center energy-efficient, available, and reliable.

We can offer a comprehensive data center optimization solution, from design documentation to implementation and maintenance.

What can MEP offer you?

Together with partners, MEP provides a comprehensive solution for critical ICT environments, from communication cabinets and server rooms to data centers of all sizes. MEP can design, build, deliver, and install the complete infrastructure of a data or telecom center using state-of-the-art equipment from world-renowned manufacturers such as APC, Schneider Electric, Stulz, SDMO, and more.

Our offer includes uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, equipment for power distribution (PDU), solutions for precision cooling, communication and server cabinets with equipment, environmental security and monitoring systems, as well as software solutions for data center management. Additionally, in collaboration with our partners, we can provide access control, video surveillance, fire detection and suppression solutions.

MEP engineers provide infrastructure optimization services for data centers, which include equipment, 19″ rack cabinets, modular antistatic floor systems, partition walls, fire-resistant doors and walls, lightning protection, and lighting.

Our engineers and designers offer services and support for all solutions related to data centers, as well as project management services and services for assessment and review of data centers.

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APC by Schneider Electric Showcase.


We assess the current state of your existing IT infrastructure in your data center, identifying quick fixes and long-term solutions to increase efficiency and availability.


Whether you are considering expansion, upgrade, or complete construction of a data center, MEP offers design, project management, installation, or integration services to ensure the fast and efficient implementation of the planned solution.


In managing and maintaining your data center, our maintenance services and product offerings are designed to keep your equipment operating efficiently, maintain maximum availability, protect your investment, and ensure optimal control of energy costs.


Communication cabinets • Small to medium-sized data centers • Power and cooling systems • InfraStruXure IT design • Server rooms • Large-scale data centers • DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) • Remote monitoring, alerting, and management equipment • Environmental monitoring systems.

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