Power & Cooling solutions

Ensuring uninterrupted industry process

Continuity of process control is critical across a wide range of industrial segments. Equipment utilized in these segments is often subjected to harsh environments. Telecommunications, military equipment, standby gensets for hospitals, power plants, etc. from the simplest to the most complex of installations.

In the field of industry, the focus has to be on business growth instead of business downtime. To ensure business continuity, stabile and reliable source of electrical energy is essential. Since almost every action produces heat as a by-product, a proper cooling of the power supply system is vital.

Power & Cooling

In order to ensure mentioned business continuity power and cooling management is the key to success. MEP can offer a range of UPS solutions for industrial control applications including communication accessories for dry contact I/O, modbus and network management. During a power event, whether the requirement is safe shutdown or maintaining data integrity, we can provide reliable protection.

MEP team could offer you solutions which can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications, from very simple to the most complex, while meeting the relevant requirements.


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