Reliable power supply

Reliable and continuous power supply

is essential for efficient systems operation. Power supply system incorporates all components required for reliable and continuous operation such as source of electrical energy (substation), distribution (switchboards and cabling) as well as uninterruptible (UPS, DC system) and back-up supply (generating set). The more complex the system is the more important is that components used interact perfectly.

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS

In the field of UPS systems, we cover a vast range of solutions - from small surge protection through large scale industrial UPS. This are typically used in:

  • Marine and offshore industry - supplying the ships mission critical elements - bridge, switchboard and PA system
  • Telecom - supplying POP's and other non-DC systems
  • Data Centers - entire ICT operation
  • Facility and Industry - ensuring proper quality of the electrical energy with back-up as secondary function

With MEP experienced sales support and technicians, service back up and know how, our focus remains on delivering the best reliable solutions and service to our Customers.

MEP team can offer extensive range of products

  • UPS & inverters
  • rectifiers & chargers
  • power supply modules
  • batteries and battery systems

Generating sets

A wide range of generating sets is a significant part of our portfolio in order to provide a reliable external energy source for a wide variety of needs.

  • Rental range & Light towers - constant power for construction professionals
  • Power range - reliable back-up supply for mission critical applications, such is IT or Telecom equipment and sites
  • Portable range - temporary and mobile source of electrical energy suitable either for business or the general public

Having in offer, all of 3 mentioned ranges we can provide an energy solution for all electricity requirements between 7.5 and 3,000 kVA.

DC systems - rectifiers, chargers, inverters, DC/DC and solar Converters

Telecom & Industrial Market covered with 24, 48, 60, 110 and 220VDC systems, Hot Plug-In and Hot Swap technology to provide tailor made solution for DC source of supply at any voltage as well as Hybrid solutions (DC with GS for Off Grid sites).


Computer and Peripheral UPS

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS

Batteries Battery cabinets and racks

Power range gensets

Power plants

Network and Server UPS

DC power systems - rectifiers chargers inverters and solar converters

Rental range & Light towers gensets

Portable range gensets