UPS systems, DC systems, power generators, batteries

Reliable uninterruptible power sources

are essential for the efficient operation of any system that relies on a continuous power supply. Each power system consists of subsystems that are necessary for proper and uninterrupted operation, including the distribution power source (substations and switchgear, as well as wiring), as well as uninterruptible systems (UPS, DC system) and backup power (power generators). The more complex the system, the more important it is for all components to fit together perfectly.

MEP offers a wide range of products and services

  • UPS devices & inverters
  • Rectifiers and chargers
  • DC-DC converters
  • Batteries and battery systems
  • Service and regular maintenance

Uninterruptible power sources – UPS devices

In the field of UPS systems, MEP covers a wide range of solutions, from surge protection to large industrial UPS devices used in:

  • Marine and offshore industry – bridge, switchgear, and PA system
  • Telecommunications – supplying POPs and other non-DC voltage systems
  • Data centers – complete ICT infrastructure
  • Facilities and industries – ensuring proper power quality with autonomy in case of grid failure as a secondary function

Experienced MEP sales engineers strive to find the best reliable solution for the user by offering UPS devices and other equipment from reputable manufacturers such as APC by Schneider Electric, CSB Battery, Eltek, while experienced technicians, trained in manufacturer training centers, provide regular maintenance and service.


Power generators (diesel generator sets and gas generator sets) are a significant part of our product range, providing a reliable additional source of electrical power for various applications.

We offer a wide selection of generators:

  • Rental range (specially equipped rental generator sets) & Light towers (mobile lighting source for construction sites) – electrical power source for construction professionals.
  • Power range (power generators) – reliable backup power sources for critical applications such as IT or telecommunications equipment.
  • Portable generators (Portable range) – temporary and mobile electrical power source suitable for business or personal needs. This category also includes portable pump generators and portable welding machines.
  • Generator set servicing – we provide maintenance and servicing for all types of generator sets.

With offerings from all three ranges, MEP can provide power solutions ranging from 7.5kVA to 3000kVA, offering products from two reputable manufacturers in the Croatian market – SDMO, France, and TEKSAN, Turkey.

In addition to sales and servicing, we also offer generator rentals.


You can choose the generator profile according to your needs by clicking on: SDMO – generator selection or Teksan – generator selection, or by contacting us and our sales engineers will find the most optimal power supply solution for your needs. Send a non-binding inquiry through our contact form or our email info@mep.hr.

DC systems – rectifiers, chargers, converters, DC/DC, and solar converters

We cover the telecommunications and industrial markets with 24, 48, 60, 110, and 220VDC systems, Hot Plug-In Hot Swap technology, which provides “customized solutions” for DC power supply at any voltage, as well as hybrid solutions (for locations without a power grid).


IT primary and peripheral equipment UPS devices for data centers and buildings Converters and solar converters Rental range generators (rental plants) Portable generators Generator plants UPS devices for servers and networks DC systems – rectifiers and chargers Batteries and battery systems Power range generators Power generators.

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