Professional air conditioning solutions for ICT, telecommunications, and industrial customers

Professional cooling devices

Precision air conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity for sensitive technology. In data centers and mobile phone networks, their continuous operation ensures reliability and uninterrupted availability of computer systems.

Precision air conditioning units need to be available whenever electronic devices require cooling, typically operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Data centers operate for 365 days or 8,760 hours per year.

MEP provides high-efficiency air conditioning solutions for IT equipment ranging from network cabinets to large data centers.

Individual approach to each customer

Operational costs, availability, energy efficiency, room size, noise protection, and local climate – each customer’s requirements are different. MEP engineers advise and assist in planning, developing individual solutions to optimize and expand existing cooling systems and construct new ones.

MEP engineers thoroughly examine thermal loads, room design, and air discharge systems.

Whether you need renovation or construction, MEP engineers collaborate with partners, including IT specialists and construction professionals, to develop an intelligent system, implement the system, and provide additional services.

MEP engineers have access to air-based, liquid-based, and hybrid cooling systems with intelligent electronic processors for maximum energy efficiency.

Complete Solution

MEP engineers boast years of experience in implementing turnkey air conditioning solutions in data centers. MEP takes comprehensive responsibility for installation, commissioning, and handover of the system. With the handover of the complete system, the customer receives comprehensive documentation, together with a system certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate, ensuring a reliable foundation for managing the services of those systems.

Top-quality technical support

MEP service technicians offer more than just assistance in resolving air conditioning system issues. With over 12 service technicians and an extensive network of business partners, we ensure not only first-class service but also energy-optimized operation of your system.

MEP provides comprehensive services for air conditioning and cooling technology systems, standby generators, UPS systems, 48V/DC technology, equipment measurement and control, access control, fire alarm systems, and fire suppression systems. MEP also offers complete infrastructure management services.

MEP is your expert partner for all sensitive areas of technical infrastructure and can provide maintenance and repair contract services according to your individual requirements.


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