Marine and offshore solutions

Reliable power solutions

The marine and offshore industries require reliable power solutions. Key factors include reliability, availability, and power quality. MEP has years of experience providing uninterrupted power systems for various marine and offshore applications. All equipment supplied is manufactured and certified to meet certification requirements (ABS, BV, CRS, DNV, GL, RINA, RS) as necessary.

Ship-customized UPS devices

based on the APC by Schneider Electric range of UPS equipment, fully customized to meet the demands of the marine industry:

  • Enhanced component performance
  • Anti-vibration footings
  • Higher IP protection degree up to IP54 in a special housing
  • A wide selection of quality batteries with a lifespan of 5, 10, 12+ years
  • Certification according to ABS, BV, CRS, DNV, GL, RINA, RS, etc.
  • Worldwide support

Marine DC system UPS offer

based on the Eltek range of modular static converters. With modular building blocks, MEP can design a DC system that meets almost any customer requirement.


  • Parallel-redundant modules with hot plug-in replacement
  • Rectifier modules for 24/48/60/110/220VDC
  • Inverter modules 24/48/60/110/220VA up to 230VAC (110Vac)
  • DC/DC converters and static switches
  • Certification according to ABS, BV, CRS, DNV, GL, RINA, RS, etc.
  • Controllers for monitoring and management.

Marine Data Center in a Box

A self-contained solution to protect the ICT equipment on board, including:

  • Closed solution – data center in a box
  • Redundant UPS systems – uninterrupted power supply
  • Efficient cooling (water/glycol) with EZ fans – with redundancy options
  • PDU units with monitoring (remote on/off as an option)
  • Access control stand – optional
  • Fully integrated management/surveillance
  • Training for self-service

Simulators for seafarer training

In close collaboration with partner Transas, one of the world’s largest suppliers of maritime simulators, MEP can deliver solutions for all types of maritime simulators, ranging from simple standalone simulators to large complexes with simulators. Transas simulators provide efficient training and evaluation of seafarer abilities. The simulators allow for different levels of training, from familiarization, operation, and watchkeeping to advanced work, fault resolution, and ship resource management.

Transas Marine simulation systems have been used by experts in commercial fleets, navies, and coastal guards and developed in accordance with key international maritime conditions (STCW, IMO course models, and specialized standards) and possess certificates from leading certification organizations.

NTPro 5000 Navigation Simulator Applications:

ECDIS, tugboat operations, mooring operations, fishing, VTS, offshore and DP simulator, SAR operations, navigation through ice, warfare applications, small motorboat simulation, oil spill simulation

TechSim 5000 Technology Simulator:

Engine room simulators, handling liquid cargo, refrigeration units, naval and port cranes

TGS 5000 GMDSS Simulator:

Metal consoles for ships and simulators

MEP designs and produces a complete range of navigation consoles and engine room control room consoles for simulators and other maritime applications.


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