Power systems, air conditioning systems, diesel generators

Base stations and POP locations

Cabinet and container air conditioning systems maintain the required operating conditions for sensitive transmission equipment.

Telecom operators continue to expand their network coverage to rural and remote areas that lack reliable access to electricity.

These base stations are traditionally powered by diesel generators, making hybrid solutions very popular.

Uninterrupted communication is impossible without reliable power supply. MEP delivers solutions to protect telecommunications nodes from power disturbances and interferences caused by inadequate or unstable energy sources, which are crucial for ensuring the protection of data flow.

Customized Solutions for Uninterrupted Power Supply in Telecom Networks

We offer customized solutions for uninterrupted power supply in telecommunications networks. Our knowledgeable engineers provide design services to tailor the power systems to meet individual needs. Monthly reports and analyses assist in optimizing system performance.

MEP integration services for telecommunications encompass complete installation, testing, and integration of services for any type of communication or other electronic equipment, adhering to global quality standards. This includes integrating equipment with appropriate power supply systems and batteries in outdoor enclosures. Trained MEP service engineers handle all installation-related tasks, oversee operations, provide assistance, and offer training to local personnel.


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Power management and site management software programs – Power Suite Web Power • EnclosuresCabinets and accessories • AC/DC power supply systems

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