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Experienced MEP technicians

Maintenance your power electronic, cooling equipment and generating sets by MEP experienced technicians with flexible service level options designed to meet your specific business needs.

  • Power electronic department
  • Cooling department
  • Genset department

Maintenance and technical support is critical to keep your hardware systems running. When failures occur they can be painful to your business. The best support proactively monitors IT environment to detect problems as soon as they occur so your business continuity is not jeopardized.

Flexible service level options

Whether you want to upgrade your service for in-warranty machines or extend your post-warranty technical support coverage, we offer experienced technicians and flexible service level options designed to meet your specific business needs.

MEP portfolio of technical support, corrective and preventive maintenance and warranty services are designed to protect your IT environment during warranty and post-warranty periods, simplify your life and reduce costs. MEP professionals observe the data center environment and alert the owner to factors that may have a negative impact on system availability including possible human error handling equipment, higher temperatures than normal, corrosion and fluctuations in power being supplied to servers, etc.

Customized maintenance

We offer improved systems availability with customized preventive maintenance recommendations. Monthly performance reports and trend analysis assist optimum system performance. MEP team can supply you with strong pre- and post-installation service support including design, integration and operational skills. Quick response is ensured through a network of fully trained on-site technicians.


Corrective and preventive maintenance

Installation and commissioning services

24/7 emergency services for contractual clients

Thermo-vision screening

Consulting and training

Monthly performance reports and trend analysis

Remote monitoring services

Equipment rental

Power quality measurement