Customized user services

MEP technicians with years of experience

maintain power electronics, cooling equipment, and generators. Experienced MEP technicians with flexible service options that meet specific business needs are divided into three departments:

  • Power Electronics Department
  • Diesel Generator Department
  • Precision Climate Control and Cooling Department

Maintenance and technical support are very important to keep your equipment running smoothly. System failures can be critical to your business. The best technical support actively monitors the IT environment and detects problems as soon as they arise, so business continuity is never compromised.

Customer-tailored maintenance

We offer a high level of system availability with customized maintenance recommendations. Monthly reports and analyses support optimal system operation. The MEP team offers strong pre- and post-installation support, including engineering, integration, and operational capabilities. Fast response is ensured through a network of trained field technicians.

Flexible Services

Whether you want to upgrade your service during the warranty period or expand your technical support in the post-warranty period, we offer flexible services from our experienced technicians that are tailored to meet specific business needs.

MEP technical support services, corrective and preventive maintenance, and warranty services are in place to protect your IT environment during and after the warranty period, to simplify your life and reduce costs.

MEP field technicians monitor the data center environment and alert the owner to factors that could negatively impact system availability, including potential human errors, handling equipment, temperatures that are above normal, corrosion, changes in server power supply, and more.


Corrective and preventive maintenance • Installation and commissioning 24/7 for contract clients Thermography services • Consulting and training • Monthly reports and analysis • Remote monitoring services • Equipment rental • Power quality measurement

We create an innovative environment that ensures continuous growth and competitive advantages. • We provide a high level of support with a network of available and knowledgeable experts. • We encourage continuous development that brings about positive changes and progress.