Power and cooling systems, diesel generating sets

Base stations & POP's

Conditioning systems in cabinets, containers and shelters keep the operating temperature of the sensitive transmission technology stable. Communications service providers continue to expand their network coverage into rural and remote areas lacking access to reliable electrical grid power. These base station sites are traditionally powered by diesel generators thus hybrid solutions are highly appreciated.

Clear uninterrupted communication is impossible without a clear uninterrupted power supply. We can supply you with the solutions to protect telecommunication lines from power disturbances and from disturbances caused by inadequate or unstable power that is as important as protecting computer data flow.

Tailored standby power management solution

We offer tailored standby power management solutions for telecommunications networks. MEP skilled engineering staff can provide a full design service for power systems to specifically suit individual applications and sites. Monthly performance reports and trend analysis assist optimum system performance.

MEP telecommunications integration services provide a complete install, testing and integration service for any type of communications or other electronic equipment to world leading standards of quality and the integration of equipment with an appropriate power system and batteries into outdoor enclosures. Fully trained MEP customer service engineers can carry out all installation tasks or supervise and assist local staff.


Outdoor shelters with Precision cooling

Power management and Site management software

AC and DC power systems

Cabinets and Enclosures